sneezing or crying?

Haven't really done much drawing and painting in 2011. Perhaps 2012 will be different? Hope you're all doing well. I've got a bit of a cold today.


Buried in robotics

This semester of studies has really taken its toll on drawing and painting. I don't think my sketchbook has ever felt this neglected, ever. On the upside, I now know a bunch of stuff I didn't know before. And wow, the year is almost over, again. December really sneaks up on you, doesn't it?



I made a sculpture in butter and used it to play a prank on a friend. It's a nice material to work with (if you don't get it anywhere on you). One disadvantage is that it needs to be a bit cold to work with effectively. Around 10°C seems perfect. Do it outside, but wear a hat and a scarf!


Dear HBO

I guess I'd rather see more of Mr. Skarsgård. The perverse twist to his character is just so much more interesting. Besides, the swedish dialogues are an instant source of lol.


Draw, then sleep

If I ever truly had a phobia, it would be this scenario. Unlike my fear of heights, there isn't much I can think of to practice getting over it except the obvious: sticking nails into the soles of my feet. I'll pass on the treatment doc.

Another portrait, "time to be happy" says the caption.


A Portrait

Dalarna is a magical place in the heart of Sweden.


Some speedpaintings.

Trypophobia is supposedly the fear of holes, or clusters of holes. Big deal right? That's what I thought too, now I'm not so sure...

This is uncle worm. Uncle worm's face used to be a drawing of someone's pony-tail. Until I saw his beak-like features there instead. I love birds.

I painted this on the day I discovered that the color picker in Photoshop can be set to use the brightness (B) as the "main" variable. I feel it works better for me than hue.

This was the view out from a café I like to go to. I made notes in my sketchbook and tried to paint it from memory later. The most interesting thing about painting this was creating a brush to render the ripples in the water without going crazy. Anders Zorn was crazy, probably.


coffee sketches

I like sitting down at a café with a sketchbook to draw sometimes. It's a great way to relax and let go of some of the thoughts and worries that pile up during the day.


Some random things

Inspired by the movie Porco Rosso, and the dreamy colors of Thomas Scholes.

Major Fatal!

If i were a fashion designer...


Alien's babysitter

This one took a bit of time and several revisions to get done but I'm happy I made that extra effort.



(based on a drawing by Nina Edlund)

"Draw my character" is the name of a fun game that works like this:
Jack makes a sketch of a character for Jill, Jill takes the sketch and makes a finished drawing. Jill then makes a character sketch for Jane...and so on.

The following character sketches were made by members of the Apedogs forum and are posted here with permission, followed by my drawing of their characters. I had lots of fun making these and I hope you enjoy them.

Sketch by Lance King

Sketch by Lance King

Sketch by Ryan de Haaff

Sketch by George Cwirko Godycki

Sketch by James (dua)



Wow, my very own blog! I hope it doesn't break on the first try.

Hello world!

I'm an engineer, and also a graphic artist. This is some of the stuff I've made (in no specific order) over the past few years: